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Server will not start:
-Make sure you have double clicked on SpringMedicalServer.exe (Windows) or SpringMedicalServer icon (Macintosh).
-Make sure you have a folder named 'MUData' in the same folder as the program.
-Make sure the MUData folder has a file named SpringMedicalRSC.jar.
-Make sure you have the correct Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. You must have JRE 1.4.2 or above. Macintosh System X users do not need to check this because the correct JRE is built into the System X operating system. Windows and Linux users should check their version. Windows: Start menu \ Programs \ Command Prompt (Windows 2000 or later), Accessories \ MS-DOS Prompt ( Windows 98, ME). Linux: Click Terminal Emulation Program. Type this line: java -version. Hit return and your version of java is displayed. If you do not have Java version "1.4.2" or higher, you can access this free download on the JavaSoft website. For Windows, click here. For Linux, click here. Follow the directions on the JavaSoft site to install the JRE.
Client will not start:
-Make sure the server is running
-Make sure program SpringMedicalServer is running on the server.
-Make sure you type the correct IP address of the server. To check this: Open a command prompt. type: ping (your server's IP address after ping). You should get several lines that start with "reply from". If you see "request timed out" then something is wrong with your network.
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